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Company profile

We are a company which aids buyer and supplier interactions with services like background verification, managing client visits and related logistical support.


Our Team

Sedem Kokou Agbobli

Sedem Kokou Agbobli

Sedem Kokou Agbobli is a market researcher and business professional from Togo. He moved to India many years ago to explore new cultures and opportunities. After spending two years studying International Business in MBA and analyzing the difficulties faced by the Import – Export industry he decided to focus his efforts on promoting trade between his native continent Africa and Asia with the rest of the world. By creating iClairon, he wants to change the landscape of the Export import businesses around the world. His vision is to fill the blanks existing in International Business by mitigating financial risks in the sector and facilitate exchange of goods.


Elizabeth Khumallambam

Elizabeth Khumallambam

Elizabeth Khumallambam is a post graduate in political science who has spent many years studying multi culturalism and its role in economics. Her strong belief in cultural interaction to promote business has led her to join this venture . Elizabeth aims to build trust between economic operators to drive commercial exchange. Her objective for iClairon is to build a storehouse of information and connections for businesses looking to diversify and expand into emerging markets.


How we work

As The world is becoming smaller day by day, and the businesses are spreading across the world, People want the best products with the fairest price at their door step, which may include buying goods from unknown partners from distant lands, Scams and Frauds have become commonplace. Many manufacturers and suppliers have fallen for non-existing importers. Same is the case of many importers being duped by non-existing manufacturers and suppliers. In the times of internet, we all have a risk of fraud. We offer our innovative service to all such businesses who want to ensure their partner are genuine. We have a network of trusted and committed people across the world to investigate and survey the risk potential. Our team provides you a comprehensive study report of your future partner along with their history and growth perspective in future. We do multi-level check of your prospective and share a report with you, so that you can save your valuable time for genuine customers.