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What is ICLAIRON about?

ICLAIRON is a company which aims to promote trade, exchange of goods around the world. It builds trust between exporters and importers by offering a preliminary physical background verification. ICLAIRON also offers a service such as support to any economic operator who is visiting India on a short time and need assistance such as affordable accommodation arrangement and an agent to assist him while he is visiting factories or suppliers.

What type of background verification does ICLAIRON provide?

ICLAIRON provide a preliminary physical verification. This means we send our agent on the ground to meet your leads, discuss with them, get all required information as per your package. ICLAIRON has the support of African Embassies, to do a second level verification of your lead and his company registration information in the chamber of commerce/ministry of commerce of those countries which offers us their support.

How does ICLAIRON support me when I am coming to India?

If you are coming to India but you don't have any contact on the ground, you can go on the stay assistance form here, fill the stay assistance form. One of our agent will get in touch with you to understand your requirement, we can assist you with the hotel booking and delegate an agent to help you during your site visits in India.

How can I avail the services provided by ICLAIRON?

To avail ICLAIRON services, all you need to do is go on the service page of the website, fill the corresponding form and one of our agent will get it touch with you for more details and billing. After this our team on the ground will help you.

How will I settle the bill for the service I avail?

All payments are made online with Debit and Credit cards, Net banking, PayPal or Mobile wallets. Payment is received before your case will be processed.

If I cancel my request, will I receive a refund?

Please read our cancellation policy here.