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Exchange of goods and services around the world is growing at a faster rate than ever. At the same time, it has multiplied the risk of fraud, non-payment for sold goods, credit worthiness of new customers and trust between exporters and importers.

iClairon has created a unique collaborative approach of physically verifying buyers and suppliers. Our focus is on Africa, Asia and Middle East where we provide a preliminary verification on a physical presence of business trying to engage in import and export activities and provide the right information.

As we move forward, our company will assist you by arranging your stay in India and in UEMOA region, guide you through the inspection and site visits.

With our vast network, we provide relevant information vital in your decision making.


Exporter and Importer background verificationExporter and Importer background verification

With our network and agents present on the ground, we do a physical verification and background study of businesses (importers or exporters). We provide valuable information before your business can engage in any sort of transactions. The scope of this verification background check is vast and diversified. More...


Stay and Inspection Assistance in India and in UEMOA regionStay and Inspection Assistance in India

Planning to visit India or UEMOA region for business? No worries, we will assist you for your trip. Your, accommodation will be arranged in by us and we'll help you with commuting as well. Our agents are ready to guide and support you for any requirement you might have during the site visits and inspections. More...


Promotional Events Promotional Events

The aim of any manufacturer is to expand to various markets and this could be hard and tricky for some companies due to barriers such as language, culture, local government policies and outreach the right customer…If you are an Indian Manufacturer who desires to expand into UEMOA (Western African Francophone Countries) ICLAIRON is here to help you promote your through awareness campaigns. We also help promote UEMOA manufactured or produced products in India. Being in between the two regions, the team ICLAIRON is well equipped to help you organize events, symposiums and forums in the said regions.More...